About TPAY

Rapid Transpay Private Limited (TPAY) is an IT services, consulting and business solutions company and is based in New Delhi.

TPAY specialises in:

  • The application of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to Public Bus Transport.

  • The provision of innovative Technological Payment Solutions involving IT devices, Smart cards, Online and Mobile transactions.

We provide solutions to our clients, ranging from fare collection, tracking vehicles, back-office processing, security & surveillance, smart cards based payments, transport systems infrastructure to real time operational and business processes for the transportation sector. We pride ourselves for providing systems and services to solve public bus transportation problems.

Automatic Fare Collection System

We specialise in designing and developing Automatic Fare Collection Systems for the public bus transport industry. We provide hardware, customised software application solutions, revenue management as well complete communication and transport data management system.

Events Pictures

Bus Rapid Transit in Pune
Alandi Road BRT station, Pune
Automatic Passenger Counting System Pilot Project